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Conference 2008

The NSFS XV conference was held in Ålesund Norway, on 26 – 30 of May 2008.


Full proceedings of the conference.

Individual contributions

Bo Lindell Lecture

ICRP lecture

Key note lecture

  • Sisko Salomaa, Miroslav Pinak, Ted Lazo Science and Values in Radiological Protection – Impact on Radiological Protection Decision Making Salomaa

Medical session

  • Ritva Bly, Hannu Järvinen, Anja Almen, Guðlaugur Einarsson, Eva Godske Friberg, Wolfram Leitz, Hilde Olerud, Hanne Waltenburg, Anders Widmark Current activities of the Nordic Working Group on X-ray diagnostics NSFS2008_Ritva_Bly
  • Olerud HM, Hol C, Landmark ID, Friberg EG, Torgersen G, Svanaes DB, Larheim TA Comparison of technical performance between CBCT and low-dose MDCT for oral and maxillofacial radiology NSFS2008_CBCT_Olerud
  • Eva Godske Friberg, Anja Almen, Guðlaugur Einarsson, Hannu Järvinen, Wolfram Leitz, Hanne Waltenburg, Ritva Bly Doses from pediatric CT examinations and level of optimization of the scan protocols in the Nordic countries Friberg_NSFS
  • Torbjörn M Haskå The trend in Radioiodine therapy for benign thyroid diseases in Denmark 1980 to 2006 Radioiodine_therapy_benign_thyroid
  • Erling Stranden, Anders Widmark, Tonje Sekse Dose assessments for interventional radiologists Dose_assessment_Stranden
  • Kristin Jensen, Livia Zangani, Anne Catrine Martinsen, Erling Stranden Linsedoser til personale ved intervensjonsprosedyrer Linsedoser
  • Charlotte Kile Larsen, Kristin Jensen, Erling Stranden Linsedose til personal under ERCP- prosedyrer ERCP_Larsen
  • Berit Brosvik Strålevern ved Norges første PET-senter, skjerming og sikkerhetssystem PETsenter_Brosvik
  • Claus E. Andersen Software and algorithms for online medical dosimetry with luminescence detectors Software_algorithms_Andersen
  • Mohamad Zakaria, Yuri Dekhtyar, Vladimir Noskov, Tatiana Bogucharska Innovative Technology and Instrument to Explore the Risk of Applying High Gamma Radiation Doses on the Nanostructure Surface of the Bones Exploring_Gamma_Radiation_Effects_EEE

Effect studies session

  • Carita Lindholm, Alicja Jaworska, Daniela Stricklin Nordic collaboration within biological dosimetry NSFSpresentation_lindholm
  • Andrzej Wojcik, Mats Harms-Ringdahl Analysis of chromosomal aberrations in cells exposed to ionizing radiation for the purpose of retrospective dose estimation and the assessment of DNA damage Alesund_Wojcik
  • Oleg V. Belyakov Studies of bystander effects in human artificial 3D tissue systems following charged particle microbeam irradiation Presentation_Belyakov

Poster presentation

  • Oleg V. Belyakov, Eric G. Wright, Guido Hildebrandt, Munira Kadhim, Mark P. Little, Kevin M. Prise, Sisko Salomaa Non-targeted effects of ionising radiation (NOTE) – a new European Integrated project, 2006-2010 Presentation_NOTE

Natural Radiation and Radiation in Nature session

  • Mikael Jensen Disposal of Uranium from Drinking Water Filters Waterfilters_Jensen
  • Servo Kasi Nondestructive dertermination of gamma-active nuclide profiles in soil Gamma_soil_Kasi
  • Salminen, S., Paatero, J., Roos, P., Helariutta, K Deposition of 237Np in Finland Np_Salminen
  • R. Sidhu, D. Ø. Eriksen, T. Ramsøy, E. Strålberg, K. I. Iden, H. Rye, K. Hylland, A. Ruus, M. H. G. Berntssen Radioactivity in produced water from Norwegian oil and gas installations – concentrations, bioavailability and doses to marine biota Sidhu_RAIV
  • Jonas Högberg, Mats Isaksson Dose rate from gamma radiation in dwellings – a modelling approach Gammaradiation_Hogberg_Iskasson
  • Ingvild Finne Radon i Norge – Status og strategi RadonNorway_Finne
  • Hannu Arvela, Heikki Reisbacka New indoor radon mitigation guides in Finland Radon_mitigation_Arvela
  • Petteri Keränen, Hannu Arvela Radon resistant constructions in Finland in 2007 Radon_resistant_construction_Keranen
  • Heikki Reisbacka Radon measurements in conventional Finnish workplaces during measurement seasons 2005-2007 Radon_workplaces_Reisbacka

Poster presentations

  • E. Kostiainen Jarkko Ylipieti, Dina Solatie Changes in 137Cs activity concentrations with time in various fish species and water in lakes of Finnish Lapland 137Cs_uptake_forest_berries_Kostiainen
  • Hanne Solheim Hansen, Inger M. H. Eikelmann, Bredo Møller Innhold av radiocesium i jord og sopp i Øst-Finnmark
  • Hanne Solheim Hansen, Inger Margrethe Eikelmann, Knut Hove Effectiveness of Sr-binders tested using an In Vitro model

Thorium lecture

  • Sverre Hval Thorium som energiressurs. Fordeler og ulemper. NSFS

Emergency Preparedness session

  • Mats Isaksson, Christopher Rääf Fortbildning för sjukhusfysiker inom nationell strålskyddsberedskap i Sverige CPD
  • Bent Lauritzen: NordRisk Practical risk assessment for long-range atmospheric transport of radionuclides Nordrisk_Aalesund
  • M. Ammann, T. Peltonen, T. Ilander, S. Kuukankorpi, J. Lahtinen, H. Lemmelä, M. Rantamäki, T. Salonen, A. Sarkanen, M. Seppänen, P. Siljamo, T. Summanen, K. Vesterbacka DESIGN of the ketale web application to improve collaborative emergency management
  • Tua Rahola, Maarit Muikku, Peter G D Pellow, George Etherington, Alan Hodgson, Mike J Youngman, Cécile Challeton-de Vathaire, Bernard Le Guen,  Philippe Bérard, Maria Antonia Lopez A European network of experts directly responsible for monitoring and assessment of doses after deliberate exposure to ionizing radiation
  • Ø. G. Selnæs, I. M. H. Eikelmann, E. N. Holo Norwegian Assessment of Nuclear and Radiological Threats Selnaes_NSFS_Aalesund
  • Justin Gwynn NKS-B: On-going activities and future priority areas for research Aalesund_Gwynn
  • Axel Israelsson, Håkan Gustafsson, Eva Lund Chewing gum for retrospective determinations of radiation doses, by means of EPR analysis NSFS_ESR
  • Ane Jerstad, Alicja Jaworska, Eldri N. Holo Trenger vi jodtabletter i Norge? Jodtabletter_nsfs2008

Open session

  • Gudrun Uthaug Paulsen, Tonje Sekse, Ole Reistad Occupational radiation exposure from medical and industrial uses in Norway Yrkeseksponering_Norge_Paulsen
  • H. Toivonen, K. Peräjärvi, R. Pöllänen Event Mode Data Acquisition for Non-Destructive Laboratory Analyses Toivonen_Aalesund2008
  • Thorgeir Sigurdsson The number and usage of sunbeds in Iceland 1988 and 2005 Sunbeds_Iceland_Sigurdsson

Radioactive Waste session

  • M Jensen, A. Wiebert Principles for establishing criteria for disposal of all radioactive wastes Harmonization_Jensen
  • Jens Søgaard-Hansen, Per Hedemann Jensen,Thommy Ingemann Larsen, Bente Lauridsen Clearance of decommissioning waste by measurements on samples Clearance_decommiss_dekom
  • Bente Lauridsen, Jens Søgaard-Hansen, Thommy Ingemann Larsen, Per Hedemann Jensen Clearance of buildings and land after decommissioning of nuclear facilities at the Risø site Risoe_Lauridsen
  • Gordon C. Christensen New Norwegian repository for LSA scale from the petroleum industry LSA_Scale_Christensen

Nuclear Safety and Security and other on Radiation Protection

  • Olof Hallström Presentation av den nya svenska myndigheten SSM_Wijk
  • Merle Lust and Karin Muru Radiation practice licence in Estonia Estland_Lust_Muru
  • Erik Nonbøl, Bent Lauritzen Issues for Neutronics Calculations for ITER Fusion Reactor ITER_Nonbol_Lauritzen

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