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The Board

The NSFS Board is elected every fourth year at the General Assembly of the Society.  The Board is composed of the President as well as three members from each of the five Nordic countries. The Board elected at General Assembly on 12 June 2019 is:

President: Eva Forssell-Aronsson,


DENMARK Peter Grøn Jens Søgaard-Hansen Hanne N Waltenburg
FINLAND Siiri-Maria Aalos-Ståhl Veli Riihiluoma Raija Seuri
ICELAND Gísli Jónsson Edda Lina Gunnarsdóttir Nellý Pétursdóttir
NORWAY * * *
SWEDEN Christian Bernhardson Ann-Sofie Gustafsson Marie Sydoff

Christian Bernhardson,
Ann-Sofie Gustafsson,
Marie Sydoff,

* Election had not been carried out in Norway before the General Assembly. The new Board was empowered by the General Assembly to accept the new proposed Norwegian Board when the election is carried out.


Members of the Board elected and present at the General Assembly 2019 (from left to right): Veli Riihiluoma, Gísli Jónsson, Edda Lína Gunnarsdóttir, Hanne N Waltenburg, Siiri-Maria Aallos-Ståhl, Christian Bernhardsson, Ann-Sofie Gustafsson, Jens Søgaard-Hansen. Photo: Søren Holm

Hanne N. Waltenburg