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The Board

Every fourth year, the “hosting” Nordic country is renewed according to a consecutive order. That is done during the NSFS general assembly (ordinary meeting), which include electing a President for the period of the chairmanship. The hosting country have a board consisting of the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, that take the lead for the period and arrange the next annual meeting “conference”. The other Nordic countries also have a board during each such period, with a chairperson, secretary and a treasurer. The hosting country is working together with the other Nordic country’s board members to achieve the aims with NSFS.

Information on the Board elected at the General Assembly on 7 June 2023:

President: Tore Ramsøy,

Vicepresident: Hilde Knapstad,

DENMARKClaus Højgård Nielsen
Peter Sigerseth Grøn
Sidse Lærke Lolk
FINLANDJukka Liukkonen
Siiri-Maria Aallos-Ståhl
Tuukka Turtiainen
ICELANDEdda Lína Gunnarsdóttir
Gísli Jónsson
Nellý Pétursdóttir
NORWAYEvabeth Roseth Bruvoll
Hilde Knapstad
Ingunn Løvik
Skjalg Are Fagerjord
Tore Ramsøy
SWEDENChristian Bernhardsson
Eva Forssell Aronsson
Per Seltborg

Treasurer: Ingunn Løvik,
Secretary: Evabeth Roseth Bruvoll,

Minutes from Board meetings:
Nordic Board meeting 1 November 2023
The NSFS President, Tore Ramsøy, elected at the General Assembly 2023 in Malmö, together with the rest of the Norwegian Board members.
From left to right: Evabeth R. Bruvoll, Tore Ramsøy,  Hilde Knapstad, Ingunn Løvik and Skjalg Fagerjord

Hanne N. Waltenburg