Nordic Society for Radiation Protection – NSFS

The Nordic Society for Radiation Protection (NSFS) was founded in 1964, on the initiative of Professor Rolf Sievert. NSFS is composed of board members and ordinary members from all Nordic countries that arrange a Congress in the hosting country each forth year. More information can be found here.


Second IRPA International Webinar

News on IRPA Task Groups (NORM, NIR and Review of the System of Radiological Protection)

January 27, 2023 – Webinar hosted in coordination with the Health Physics Society (HPS).

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Upcoming IRPA events

IRPA 16 Congress, Orlando, Florida, USA, July 7-12, 2024
7th European Regional IRPA Congress, Liverpool, England, June 1-5, 2026
IRPA 17 Congress, Valencia, Spain, May 28 – June 2, 2028

Associated societies:
SRP: Annual meeting 2023 (60th anniversary), Aberdeen
Croatian RP Society: Symposium 2023 in Porec, Croatia
BVS: celebrating 60th anniversary in 2023
AIRP: 3-day workshop on NORM in oil and gas industry, June 2023, Lampedusa
DZZSCG: symposium on 60 years in radiation protection, 2023


NSFS conference 2023 – Call for abstracts

Call for abstracts and registration for the 2023 NSFS conference has opened on 1 January 2023.


NSFS conference 2023 – Announcements

The first and second announcements of the 2023 NSFS conference, to be held in Malmö, Sweden 5-9 June 2023, is now ready.

Find more information on the conference 2023 page.


NSFS conference 2023 – Save the date

The date and location for the upcoming NSFS conference, to be held in Sweden 2023, is now settled!

You are most welcome to:
NSFS ordinary meeting
Date: 5-9 of June 2023
Venue: Clarion Hotel Malmö Live, Malmö, Sweden

A first announcement will be sent out during the summer.


NSFS webinar on Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents

Perspectives from Russia, Japan and the radiation safety authorities in the Nordic countries 

NSFS is inviting you to a webinar on the 27th of May 10:30-15:00 UTC+2. Please read the flyer for more information about the program.

The presentations are now available on the website.


NSFS Webinar: Tjernobyl och Fukushima – en introduktion

Webinar arranged by the Swedish section of NSFS – everybody are welcome. Please note, that the webinar will be in Swedish.

Preliminärt schema för den 26 april:
10:00-10:10 NSFS introduktion/presentation
10:10-10:30 Rober Finck – Vad hände vid Tjernobyl-katastrofen?
10:30-10:50 Imre Pazsit – Vad hände vid Fukushima-katastrofen?
10:50-11:10 Bensträckare/kaffepaus
11:10-11:30 Sören Mattsson – Tjernobyl och Fukushima – skillnader och likheter
11:30-12:00 Avslutning och frågor

The presentations are now available on the website.


IRPA Webinar on ‘Fukushima accident, 10 years on’ is now available for offline viewing

In the beginning of April, IRPA invited everybody to a webinar dedicated to the Health consequences of the Fukushima accident, 10 years on, focused on 2 items:

  • Health monitoring program of the evacuated population and affected population
  • The thyroid screenings

The webinar is now available for viewing at any time.

Please note:

  • The webinar will not start immediately, but 54 second into the recording
  • You may change the layout on the screen and increase either the video or the ppt file as you want

Detailed information on the contents of the webinar is given in the flyer.

Fukushima: 10 yearson

Follow-up on the Bo Lindell books

The Bo Lindell book series has received some attention in Journal of Radiological Protection.

Jack Valentin and Christopher Clement have been invited to write an editorial about the project, and the books have been reviewed by Roger Clarke. Unfortunately, the articles are copyright protected, so we can only provide links to them.

Editorial: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

Reviews by Roger Clarke:


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