The Nordic Society for Radiation Protection (NSFS) was founded on June 10, 1964, on the initiative of Professor Rolf Sievert. Professor Sievert arranged the first meeting in Stockholm 1966 that included active people in radiation protection from all the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). From the beginning, the Society became a member of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA), founded on June 19, 1965. After the first annual meeting (conference) in Stockholm in 1966, annual meetings were held each 3rd year until 2011. After 2011, NSFS decided to hold their meetings every 4th year not to coincide with the International and European Congresses of IRPA. Since 1996, during the XI NSFS conference, the association have awarded individual members for their “great merits in the field of radiation protection by having for many years promoted good radiation protection theoretically and/or practically or otherwise in a significant way promoted the goals of the society”, through the introducion of the Bo Lindell award. NSFS general meetings have been held in Stockholm (1966), Oslo (1968), Copenhagen (1971), Helsinki (1974), Visby (1977), Reykjavík (1981), Copenhagen (1984), Mariehamn (1987), Ronneby (1990), Kristiansand (1993), Reykjavík (1996), Skagen (1999), Åbo (2002), Rättvik (2005), Ålesund (2008), Reykjavik (2011), Roskilde (2015), Helsinki (2019) and Malmö (2023). More details are provided on the Previous conferences and the  Bo Lindell award pages.


The Society is dedicated to the development and dissemination of knowledge and experience in issues related to radiation safety and protection against ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. This includes e.g. radiation protection for workers, patients being subjected to irradiation for diagnostics or therapeutic purposes, and radiation protection for the general public. This work mainly takes place by arranging annual meetings (conferences every fourth year) within the Nordic countries, where members can meet and exchange views and information. The scope is generally broad and presentations may be given by invited speakers. If needed and considered practical, smaller meetings can be arranged on specific topics. The Society is connected to the International Radiation Protection community through its membership of IRPA. As an associated Society to IRPA the NSFS is represented by 5 (out 171) delegates during the General Assembly of IRPA (as of May 2016 during the IRPA 14 International Congress).